Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 2 - April 2nd

This is Breah. She's honored to be in my Day 2 picture. I met Breah while teaching pre-school. Yep, we were pre-school teachers. She has since moved on and graduated from makin-people-purdy school and works at A Wild Hair Salon. She cut my hair today. Like it? Looks the same? My hair is so stinkin' thick and won't do the cutesy do's, but I love what she did to it. She cut the bottom layer off. I love my long thick red hair. It's my favorite feature about myself. And no matter how much I tried to convince him, Russell was fine if I would have come back with really short chopped-off hair and different colors. I think he was "fine" with it because he knows I would actually never do that.

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