Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 21 - April 21st

It's my two favorite people again! Ginger is so facinated with magic tricks. It just shocked her when she learned there really isn't magic, only tricks that are hard to figure out. She has been doing "magic tricks" since before she was 1 year old. Her first trick was pulling her hand in her sleeve and pushing it out fast when we couldn't find it. Way too cute!! This is her latest accomplisments. String tricks! She knows tons of them! She picks up on these things really fast too. And she does the tricks so fast, I'm not sure how her fingers don't get tangled up. This is her teaching Russell a trick. It couldn't have possibly been a stall tactic for delaying bed time...No, not my child. It took several tries, but Russell was finally able to do it once. But, only one time. She's pretty proud of herself.

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