Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 30 - April 30th

Full day today. We went to a funeral of a friend of ours who lost their 9 year old son. He's been crippled since birth. It's hard for me to think of their situation and I wonder if they don't feel a bit of relief?

We also went to Carraba's with Dad & Phyllis for Russell's birthday. We love the Lintle Soup - YUMMY!! Dad and Russ hit it off with a lengthy nerdy conversation. I shall quote my father now, "I found a nerd on my level."
After dinner, our friend Laura came over. She used to be in the group that "lived" with me. (I had a group of friends that came over every night and stayed LATE, and sometimes I would wake up with people asleep on my couch. Laura probably did actually live with me though for several months. She still owes me rent money.

Laura and I love to talk, giggle, and I'm not sure really what it is, but it's always fun and for some reason always ends up in my bed. We have slept countless nights on the couch, not on purpose, just falling asleep during one of our lengthy conversations. We moved to the more comfortable bed, and somehow that's just where our best conversations happen...either there or in a tent. ;o) Although, they happen a little less often now that I'm married, and Russ kicks her out of his spot at the end of the night. There have been many of bedtime converstaions that a camera has showed up. And one showed up tonight in honor of "Picture of the Day." Out of about 200 shots, we agreed that this picture with our eyes closed and heads cut off, was the best. But one thing for sure, our converstaions are always "educational".

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