Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 36 - May 6th

We sold the car! Good bye wonderful and fabulous orange Mazda. You served us well and you were tons of fun. Enjoy your new family. You and your sunroof will be missed. Zoom Zoom.

We believe that it was a total God thing! We’ve had that car for sale for several months, and NOTHING! ZILCH! NADA!

When we did sell the car, we were going to use the extra money to go on a family vacation. We were working with a travel agent on Monday on booking a cruise. I had a few more questions and called the travel agent one more time before paying the whole trip up-front, but he didn't return my call before I left work. Russ and I talked and decided, it would be tight, but we would go ahead and plan the vacation even though the car hadn't sold yet. After the car sells, we'll pay off the vacation. But if we could just sell that car, it wouldn’t be an issue. That night is when my life changed (I can't say much yet) But our first order of business was that we needed an attorney, but how could we pay for one? I personally know they can be EXPENSIVE!! Within 2 hours of that life changing event, we got 3 emails from people wanting to see the car. Between then and now, we’ve had 7 people interested in the car, 3 came take a look at it, 2 who said they would give us cash, 1 was going to come from Tennessee to see it. We had our pick of who to sell it too. If we had sold it just 4 hours earlier, we would have put the non-refundable money into our cruise. But God knew better,
now we have the money for an attorney. Praise the Lord! He is awesome!

The first picture is of the guy leaving the bank walking to his new car, our old fabulous car. The other picture is him driving away...Zoom Zoom!!

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