Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 53 - May 23rd

Uncle Cletis' Memorial service was today. It was great seeing all the family we hadn't seen in years! Everyone grew up and has kids of their own now. What a beautiful family I'm a part of! This first picture is of my Uncle Harry (my mom's brother-in-law) holding his Great-Grandson who is 6 weeks old. The second picture is of my Uncle Harry wiping up the throw-up from his Great-Grandson. He laughed and said, "It's not the first time that has happend." The third picture is of Ginger wearing Uncle Cletis' hat. This hat was as much a part of Uncle Cletis as his left arm. Wherever he was he was wearing this hat. Uncle Cletis was cremated and Cousin Brad is going to take him on expedition and release his ashes on a mountain. That is of course after the full-blown pow-wow in June in my Uncle's honor. We are Cherokee and he was Cherokee to the heart.

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