Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 54 - May 24th

Today started with an eventful morning. Mom called me at 8:30 and asked me to come over. She had a kidney stone. (I know mom, I'm spreading your personal info all over my blog. I only have 10 followers and you don't read it anyway, so the chances of you finding out is close to nothing). Anyway...I went to her house and left Ginger and Russ at home to fend for themselves. I finally talked mom into going to the hospital. FINALLY!! That took a lot of telling my mom what to do...I'm not used to that. Then I got to drive really fast! I'm not used to that either. They gave her morphine and the world became a happier place. This is a picture of her hospital room. She gave me a really dirty evil look when I told her she was going to be my picture of the day, so I chose to take the photo when she was away getting a CT done. (Mom is all better now and hyped up on some really good drugs)

That night was sooooo fun! Ginger's first camping trip! All the way to the backyard! We set up a tent, bought a firepit, invited a couple of friends over, cooked hotdogs and S'mores, kicked the friends out and slept in the tent during rain. It was the best ever. There are more pictures on my Facebook. Ginger has the greatest time ever! She loved it! We even had a Chubby Bunny contest. Russell won, he has the biggest mouth. I came in 2nd with 6 marshmellows and Chuck & Tina tied for 3rd with 5 each. Ginger refused and just watched the adults make fools of themselves. We laid back and watched bats swoop down to catch bugs. We watched the fireflies dance. We listened to the rain and woke up to owl hooting. Who knew our backyard was so wild. This was a practice campout for a bigger one later this season. This was Ginger's first time in a tent and I think she's a natural born camper. Good thing, because we love camping!


  1. I do believe that I beat Chuck with 6. I remember this distinctly because you know... I have to win :)

  2. Oh my!! I will have to correct that! Then WE tied!! We must have a tie-breaker! Maybe we could use the mini-marshmallows.