Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 43 - May 13th

It's hot. Not only did it reach 91 degrees today, but our air conditioner went out. It needs a new compressor. I hear that's expensive. Don't really care, I just want to be cool. Praise the Lord for our attic fan and the huge storm that rolled in. We were nice and cool all night long.

We can always tell what Ginger is learning in school by what she wants to show us when she gets home. She's learning the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction. In my head, it has always been reversed. To me, Non-Fiction should be Non-True. That's how my head sees it, and it's the same with thermostats too. If you want the air on, you should turn up the air, which means turn up the thermostat. Right? It doesn't really matter because our airconditioner is broke. Anyway...Ginger has learned it the correct way and she absolutely loves to learn new things and gets so surprised to learn new words and how things work. I'm such a proud momma. Tonight she wrote a story for us to read at bedtime. She and I were the stars of her story. I wonder if she recently heard the phrase, "When pigs fly."? Definately going in the scrapbook.

A Fiction Story by Ginger

When I woke up from my sleep, my mom said I could ride on a flying pig to school!

(click picture for a closer view)

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