Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 46 - May 16th

We spent all day at Nana's. This is a picture of Ginger and Sophie, Nana's dog. Ginger helped take care of Sophie and Nana while Russell and I cleaned and sorted through the basement/Russell's storage for the past several years. We finally got through it and loaded some items we thought we could use...AND...a deep freeze! I've wanted one of these for years! YEA! It's not light either, but we got it out of the basement and loaded on the truck. We left Nana's house about 5pm and on our way back stopped at Papa Randy's house (Russell's step-dad). He lives in Ramona, a teeny tiny town and where Russell graduated from High School. I brought Raul, my gun with me to show avid hunter. We set up a sheetrock target against a wood pile and shot a few rounds with Raul and his WWII German Lueger! I realized I hadn't shot a gun in about 10 months!! The targets show that it's different shooting outside than in a gun range, that's my excuse anyway. On one shot in particular I thought that I had split the sheetrock. But when we went to retrieve the target we realized that I had shot a caterpillar. There was the bits and pieces of a caterpillar and his guts running down the board. Ginger spent the time hiding in Papa Randy's shop (Huge and beautiful shop!) riding on a tricycle that Randy had made many years ago. It's a big tricycle for older kids with some all terrain wheels. That thing was fast and went over the gravel and grass like it was going down hill. The picture is of Randy hitching a ride on the back of the tricycle. It's not very clear, but it shows the fun we had.

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