Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 31 - May 1st

A failed attempt at a family game-night birthday for Russell turns REALLY fun!! Several family members came down with some serious illnesses and we're unable to attend the party. (It's not the Swine Flu) We decided to postpone the birthday family game-night. But I had already bought the cake, and Tammy had already bought dinner, so we went ahead and had a fun dinner anyway! We had so much fun, just the 5 of us. We had yummy pizza (It was Digorno, not delivery). Then we played several rounds of Sequence! My team (Me & Cliff!!) won 3 out of 5 games!! Whoooo hooooo!! Ginger played a few rounds, then got bored and had fun drawing on a dry-erase board that Tammy had bought for Pictionary. I had taken the perfect Picture of the Day, Russ and Cliff (Russ' Dad) concentrating hard on their next Sequence move. But then...Ging showed us the surprise that she drew. It's a family picture of the three of us. I loved it! So I wanted to make that the Picture of the Day. So now...there's two. It's my blog and I can do it if I want too.

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