Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 45 - May 15th

Elain (Russ' mom/Nana) had shoulder surgery in Tulsa today. After work Russell drove her back to Bartlesville in the truck (so we could bring stuff back from Russ' storage in Bartlesville) and Ginger and I drove in Nana's car! A red Mazda Miata convertible. It was the first day in 20 days it wasn't raining for a couple of hours. We put the top down and cruised all the way to Bartlesville. Just a couple of red-headed chicks in a convertible with the music loud and dancing down the highway. We had so much fun waving at truckers and passing Russ & Nana several times. Ginger loves that car and she learned new things about an old car. "LOOK! This rolls the window up and down, I've never seen it like this before." as she rolled the handle around in a circle while figuring out how to get the window down. I never thought that that my little girl only knows electric windows. Wow, do I feel old. When we barely beat the rain and pulled into Nana's garage in Bartlesville I told Ginger to roll up her window. She looked at me with her "teacher look" and asked me if I knew how to roll up these kinds of windows.

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