Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 35 - Cinco De Mayo!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!! Ok, so other than a Spanish Holiday, this day was emotionally exhausting as well. The whole day. I'm exhausted. I'm preparing for so many things, still none I can share on here. My dad asked us if we wanted to go "Cinco De Mayo It" tonight. So what else? We went to eat Mexican!! Yummy Mexican at El Tequila! We all had a great time! Ginger was especially giggly and kept hugging and kissing on Daddy (Russell). This is a group picture of all of us at dinner (minus me). Going clockwise, starting with Russell. That's Russell...then sister Joy, her hubby Tim, My Daddy John, his wife Phyllis (a fan of my Picture of the Day), and Phyllis' niece Renee. We covered all the possible topics, jokes, whether or not my grandparents really exist, cars, embarrassing stories, work, Renee's finals and college, her boyfriend, and of course...the Swine Flu. Oklahoma's first case was confirmed today.

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