Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 55 - May 25th (Memorial Day)

We woke up in our tent and had the greatest time planning future campouts and talking about bigger tents with more rooms and who we would invite to with us. It was so fun laying on our air mattresses in the cool morning air...until we decided it was time to go potty. Ahhhh...the luxuries we are spoiled with.

This afternoon we met Baga (my mom) and Joy and Tim at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then we all went and saw the new Night at the Museum movie! It was a great movie! I thought it was better than the first one and I loved the first one! After the movie we went to Papa's house (my dad) to say hi and not swim. Ginger was too tired, had not had dinner, and it was too close to bedtime to go jump in the pool. That made for an exhausting evening, we heard "I wanna swim!" or "I didn't get to swim!" about 234,523 times. The first picture is of Ginger and Papa with their feet in the pool begging us to let her swim. Nope, sometimes Moms have to be the bad guy. But her teacher will thank me tomorrow. The next picture is Ginger and Papa playing catch, it was a little too short and Papa got splashed!! That almost made up for not being able to swim...almost.

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