Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 102 - July 11, 2009

Big work day. Ginger spent the day with Baga (my mom) and Russ and I, along with Nana (Russ' mom) spent the day at the Tulsa house working on it. We got so much done. It was a lemon house. Every time we pull off Sheetrock we find some way the builders many years ago cheated, cut corners, and did things wrong. Russ is amazing and is working very hard to build it back right. We can't out of good conscious just cover it back up with Sheetrock. So that means we have added walls, fixed electrical, fixed the air vents, puts supports up where there were none. In fact, today when we took the sheet rock off a wall in a tiny hallway, the ceiling fell. It wasn't screwed or nailed up at all. It was just resting on the piece of sheet rock we tore down. Then the 2x4s in the wall weren't screwed in either, they were just balanced there and offered no support what so ever. I have no idea how this house stood for so long. But rest assure, this house is built right now and nothing is going to knock it down.

Not only is Russ building it back up to code, where it was supposed to be all along, he's making everything better and stronger. Instead of a 4 inch foundation, he poured a 6 inch foundation with supports. He pushed the refrigerator into a custom built box in the garage. That way the refrigerator is flush with the wall, so much more kitchen space now. He even widened the kitchen entry and put arches in. Not to mention all new appliances and cabinets. He's added so much to everything, this really is a brand new house. It's going to make a great home for a family someday. It's going to be beautiful. I learned how to sheet rock and did the inside of a window all by myself! I love power tools! It was fun working with Russell all day. We make a great team and work really well together.

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