Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 118- July 28th

Ginger went to work with me today and got to run some errands with me. It turned out to be a fun little field trip for her at NeoSource/Water Jet. When we got there the guys working thought it was great that she was there. They were all excited to show off their work to her, it really is quite fascinating and I've been wanting an up close look for awhile. NeoSource uses high powered water jets to cut through plastic and metal. they cut the lenses for our streetlights and we were picking up a new batch from them. But then the questions started, "How do they cut through metal with water?" That was a great question and these guys jumped all over it to show her. They even brought her over a step ladder so she could see better inside the machines. They use 50,000 pounds per inch to cut through several inches of metal. The design they were cutting out of the sheet metal (that was about 1 inch thick) was going to take about 6 hours to complete. They use the power of erosion and slowly cut through the metal like a knife through a tomato. It slices, it dices, it makes pretty patterns in steal. We decided these machines were like huge water guns that were really really fast and powerful. This little field trip couldn't be more perfect for Ginger, especially all we hear is, "How do they make that?" about EVERYTHING.

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