Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 98 - July 7th

I saw a funny-to-me thing on the way to work from lunch today. There was a car up on the sidewalk at the intersection of 61st & 129th with three people standing outside. I thought it must have been car trouble, I knew this because I used my awesome super-hero skills paired with the hood being up. I know, I'm totally awesome. Then I tried to figure out the story without hearing what they were saying. Can you figure it out by looking at this picture?

Here's my guess... These two young folk were test driving this Kia Sportage with the car salesman (See the man in business casual clothes, his shirt had a dealership logo on it and a name tag? Also, all the info papers were still on the windows, they hard to see in the picture because of the tinted windows.) During the tes drive the car started to have some "trouble" and they pulled up onto the sidewalk so they wouldn't have to die in the middle of the intersection. I wonder if the car salesman was still trying to sell them the car while on the side of the road or if he was telling them where they should go to buy a more reliable car? As my light turned green, another Kia Sportage, a blue one this time, pulled up and another salesman hopped out. I guess they will continue the test drive in another car.

On a different dad (Papa) said Ginger was busy downloading today. That's nerd talk for learning by observation. And that's exactly how she learns. We are getting new carpet in our office and Ginger is very curious about all the steps that go into this. She's been watching these guys very diligently and giving me reports on what they were doing next.
And yep, still sunburned, forming some nasty large blisters now. I'm hideous.

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