Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 92 - July 1st

It's JULY!!

YAY!! I don't know why that's exciting for me today. Other than, it's a new month with a new calendar page. Ging and I flipped it over and it's a picture of me and Russ at Royal Gorge on our Honeymoon. That was the excitement of the morning. I really couldn't decide on a picture of the as usual there are several. The first being, of course, the calendar.

The second is of my two favorite people in the whole wide whole world!! This is at lunch. Ginger is just ga-ga over this man and I love it! It blesses my heart tremendously every time I see her run and hug him, kiss him, tickle him, and call him Daddy. I love this picture. The messy hair of a little girl on summer break kissin' on her well-groomed business man Daddy, and both of them loving every second of it!

Ginger is still spending the whole days at work with me. Mom (Baga) is in Virginia or Washing DC, somewhere far off East. She originally went for my Uncle Clete's ceremonial pow-wow dance in memory of him. You should see her pictures on Facebook, absolutely beautiful! I wish I would have went. Now she's enjoying a vacation dream for teachers, Indians, and History lovers. She's been everywhere. She's seen the capitol, Gettysburg, National Indian Museum, the Holocaust Museum, rode a subway, and is going on a tour of the Pentagon, her nephew works there. While she's off gallivanting through history, Ginger and I got stuck in traffic on the way from lunch. See...

And guess what this mess was from. Murphey's gas station (a.k.a. The Wal-Mart gas station) had a brilliant idea of making gas .49 cents a gallon today from only 11am - 1pm. Who thought this was a good idea at lunch time? It made it difficult for every one else to get around. Every entrance around the gas station, Wal-Mart, and all the restaurants on that corner (including where we were eating lunch) was virtually impossible to get too. Cops were directing traffic. I'm sorry, but there is no way I would spend 2 hours waiting for gas that cheap. Am I a snob? I would burn that much gas sitting in line with the air blowing to keep cool. Maybe another day, but not today.
One more picture. Papa (my dad) found a dragon fly that had "expired". Russell calls Ginger "dragonfly" sometimes and she loves these little bugs. She tries to catch them. This one was very big and beautiful. Papa and Ginger looked at it under a microscope. Just a hot day in Oklahoma with these little memories that would have been forgotten about if it wasn't for my little POTD project.

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