Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 110 - July 19, 2009

I love road trips with my awesome hubby. We always have the greatest time wherever we go. But when it's time to head back home, IT IS TIME TO HEAD BACK HOME! It's all about making good-time on the way home. He claims he tried to wake me up several times this morning, but to me it was like he had robbed a bank and we had to make a get-a-way. Go! Go! Go! But still...we had time to stop at Sonic on the way out of Great Bend.

We made it to Wichita and had fun texting to Ginger all morning. We are really missing that girl! We met a friend, Roxy, at Chicago, a pizza place in downtown Wichita. Roxy has been a friend of Russell's for about 10 years and she came to our wedding. Now I'm getting to know Roxy and she's just as cute as a button, I can't help but to just watch her. She's got a boyfriend that she's smitten over and just glows and blushes over when she talks about him. And she put their date off a couple of hours to have lunch with us. For us!!! I know!! We are so special! I might have to steal a picture off her Facebook to put on here. With permission of course. I'm all for artist's copyright laws. And people, I know it's tempting, but don't make copies of professional portraits. There are a lot of photographer's out there that put hard work into these portraits. It's more than just a point and shoot for them. It really hurts to see our work copied somewhere else.
Here is the approved picture from Roxy! Thanks Roxy!!
Without getting off our good-time-makin-track, we finished lunch on schedule and were back on the highway in no time. We got back in to town and raced to the door to get our girl. Wow! I swear she's grown while we were gone. She's losing her baby face, she's a beautiful young lady.
Exhaustion and all, we got right back on the turnpike and headed to Owasso for dinner with the Parrish family. It's Tammy's birthday! Cliff made excellent grilled chicken, potatoes, and corn on the cob, just the perfect summer birthday dinner.

Ginger, Aubrey & Lauryn are inseparable. I am so blessed they clicked and get along so well. The one with the bag over her head is artistic and creative Aubrey. Isn't she beautiful? And the one on Jason, her Daddy's lap is Lauryn, she is so funny and just as cute as grasshopper's knee. Lauryn is 9 and Aubrey 11. They are great girls. And that's a sticker that the girls thought would look great on Jason's head, in case you were wondering.

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