Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 107 - July 16, 2009

Today is our Friday! It's a long weekend because we're going to Great Bend, Kansas to photograph our friend's wedding. But before we did that we had dinner with Baga (my mom) and Ginger because we wouldn't see her for a couple of days and we spent several hours tonight working at the house in Tulsa.

Today is just one of those days that happen not near enough but I absolutely love them when I do. It seemed like every time I looked at my watch, it was an hour later. Today went by so fast! Working on the house was fun tonight. I continued my project of sheetrocking the sills of the windows and I learned how to mud! I'm really good at it, I think I'm better than Russell. Although, it's a very messy job. But I love it.

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