Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 120 - July 30th

Wow did we sleep good last night. We all slept in and it's a good thing too, we had a full day at the arch. Well...full day starting at noon. We have a kitchenette in our hotel room which is just the most wonderful thing a family could have in their room. We had muffins, cereal, eggs and toast for brunch today. For dinner we had hot dogs and chips. And after Russ & Ging went swimming we had our favorite family snack, frozen grapes.
But during the day we went to the Gateway Arch. WOW! There is just no way to explain it unless you have seen it yourself in person. It absolutely amazing. We decided to go today to beat the weekend crowd, we thought a Thursday would be less crowded. And I'm sure it was, but if this was a Thursday, I'd hate to see what a Saturday was like. It was very busy and crowded and they don't have a great air conditioning, if they have one at all. We were hot the whole time. But talking about it after and looking at our pictures, we did have a great time. Ginger loved it and loved going to the very top to look out the windows. Those are priceless moments, those times where you can show your daughter something brand new and discover it at the same time she does. Ginger liked the little trams we rode up and back down the arch, it's like a diagnal elevator. They were made in the 1960s with the arch. They are supposed to fit 5 people, but I'm guessing people were a lot shorter in the 60s than they are now. That little pod was tiny, but it was fun looking out the little window and seeing the inner arch all the way up. I would do it again...on a cooler day...with less people.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the adventure. It was pretty amazing at the top. I have to say however, I did not enjoy the ride up in the closed in and the rocking was not my idea of a good time! It was probably 25+ years ago when I was there.

  2. Russell is 6' 4" and to say the least, he was cramped in there. Ginger loved it though. Honestly, it's a been there, done that for me. I'd look at it all day from the ground, but the crowds and heat really ruined inside for me.