Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 117 - July 27th

It was a typical Monday, lots of work and exhausted afterwards. Mom and I decided to skip the drive to Talequah for our Cherokee class because Chuck was out of town and I needed to get ready for our St. Louis trip this week. We've got the material and the books, we may just teach ourselves.
Russell brought home a remote control car for Ginger. You would of thought she won the lottery when she saw it. It was a promotional thing he got at work from HP. Wow, we get a flyer in the mail with a business card attached. But the car is great! It's fast and has blinkers and back-up lights. It works great on our wood floors. She had blast with that silly thing for hours, including crashing into my feet while I was cooking dinner. I was relieved when the battery died and it had to recharge overnight.

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