Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 113 - July 23, 2009

Long day at work, hot day outside, and productive night at the Tulsa house. I definitely like mudding much better than sanding. But I'll be so glad when it's all done. On the way home I held my camera in my hand, exhausted and searching for a subject for my POTD. Almost home!! What do I photograph? There...about this?We getting a new hospital in Broken Arrow. It's just around the corner from our house too. Hopefully though, we won't be at that house long after it opens though. We'll start hearing ambulances soon and helicopters. This thing is huge and they put it up real fast. They are going to also build some retail shops there in a strip mall. I think it would be a great place for a studio some day.


  1. I just found your blog today. Great pictures! I am new to blogging and just getting started too. Come by to visit! Love the stories of your family. Will be back to look at older posts. Will keep your family in my prayers. My husband is a pastor too.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog. It's a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. I don't know if anyone is reading it, but it's fun more me. I'm sure there are hundreds of days I don't remember anymore, but now I remember every one of them. And it's not taking up any brain space either...the world wide web is remembering for me. I mean really, can this get any better? (I'm sure those are famous last words too) :o)