Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 108 - July 17, 2009

There is just never a dull moment with us. We laughed and laughed and had just the best time on the drive to Great Bend, Kansas for our friends' wedding. We stopped in Wichita and Russell showed me where he used to work and live. He had a really cute house there and downtown Wichita has been rebuilt and is adorable with lots of fun little shops, cafes, and old buildings turned into lofts.

We are Sonic drink fans. Plain and simple. Nothing beats a Sonic drink. We were in McPherson, Kansas and I was in desperate need of a Sonic drink. We couldn't find one. We found corn field after corn field, but no Sonic. Now depending on who you ask you will receive two different stories. Let me tell you the... ummmmm... "truth".

While changing my Facebook status to something about trying to find a Sonic I looked up and at that exact moment behind some trees that Russ was just about to pass, I saw a Sonic!

...Ummmm...I mean...

...I peacefully looked up and noticed about 1/2 mile down the road a Sonic shining in the sunbeams glowing down from Heaven.

His story makes no sense at all and is nothing like me what so ever. And is it really my fault that my darling husband cannot tell the difference between the screams of, "THERE'S A CHILD RUNNING OUT IN THE STREET!!!" and "AHHHHH!!! THERE'S A SONIC!!!! QUICK TURN!!! TURN!!!!"

Ummmmm...I mean, what I really said was, "Honey, if it doesn't disturb you too much my lord, there is a Sonic down the road. If it isn't too much trouble for you, I would be honored to buy you a drink to quench the thirst of your pallet that I'm sure is parched." This is of course after I raised my hand and he called on me to speak. Yeah, that's more like what happened.

This man of mine has excellent control when he is behind the wheel. He managed to keep control as my hand pointed across his face at the Sonic while gasping in fear of missing another Sonic. (these are of course his opinions again of what happened) He stopped suddenly, while still obeying all traffic laws, and we made the turn in to Sonic safely. Which I believe is no reason to feel the need to remind me not to startle the one-eyed driver. I know better than to startle him, he has limited vision, there's no need to keep repeating himself every time he mistakes my calm suggestions as emergency warnings. He handled the crazy Sonic addicted woman in the passenger seat much better than I would have. We would have surely ended up in an accident.

We got a little something to hold us over! Wacky Pack meals for grown ups!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! But I was so excited about the new funky straw that I got as a prize (and that I don't have to share with Ginger) that I dumped my bag from my lap and all my fries ended up in my shoes that I had taken off an hour earlier. And my grilled cheese was so greasy and burnt, but my large cranberry Diet Dr. Pepper was perfect.
...and we missed Happy Hour by 4 minutes.

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