Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 112 - July 22, 2009

Ginger had an eye appointment this morning before starting 3rd grade in a few weeks. She did so good. They went ahead and dilated her eyes to check thoroughly since she had been complaining of blurry vision and not being able to see the board at school unless she was in the front row. I'm pretty sure it's more of just not being able to pay attention unless she's on the front row. Turns out she has a very tiny case of near-sightedness but not enough for glasses. So she's good to go.

On the way back to the office after her appointment we got a flat tire. Russell was at a company lunch and had ridden with someone else so he couldn't come to our rescue. (I still love you baby). We managed to hobble across to a gas station to see if the tire would hold air. It did. Turns out it's another air valve injury, but a different tire. It held just long enough for us to make it Sam's. They fixed it for free, just like they did in Tennessee, last time I injured an air valve. A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from Ford saying that air valves were faulty on the tires. Really? I'm not sure yet, I still have 2 good ones, so we'll see before I jump to conclusions.

Ging had fun sliding and dancing up and down the tire aisles and then we walked around Sam's for an hour. But that turned out to be good because I found lots of good stuff I didn't even know we needed.

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