Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 109 - July 18, 2009


Annica Westphal and Rick became Mr & Mrs. Rick Thomas today. What a sweet wedding. And nothing went wrong with what I could see. I LOVE photographing weddings. Photography is my passion, and I think I'm somewhat sorta 1/2 way good at it. I see life through a view finder. Photographing weddings is so fun and such a blessing to do. I have enjoyed every one of the weddings I have ever photographed. But there is just something extra special about photographing friend's weddings. To be involved in the details of a friend's love is just so stinkin' fun. Sometimes sitting around and waiting for the bride to be all gussied up can get boring for a photographer, but we're usually paid by the hour, so it's worth it. You can really have so many shots of someone getting their hair done. But with Annie, I loved every tiny little second of it. I was honored she wanted me there from the beginning moments of primping. It was fun to be included with the elite.

Her wedding was beautiful and as sweet as they are. Rick couldn't stop smiling all day, he was just having the time of his life. Annie floated around like an angel making sure everyone felt special and welcomed. These two couldn't be more perfect for each other. They got married in an old country church that Annie grew up in. It had always been her dream to get married in that church. And she found her night in shining armor to make all her dreams come true. Their reception was fun, complete with delicious little candies and a Lego cake topper on the groom's cake that the ring bearer had made.

It was a perfect day. I'm sure Rick and Annie were exhausted, but they didn't stop smiling one bit. They headed to Wichita for the night and on Monday they are leaving for a cruise to the Bahamas.

Russ and I drove through Taco Bell and Sonic (for the drink of course) and headed back to the hotel. He rubbed my feet that I had been on for 9 hours and I had the greatest nap. There was no way we could have driven back home after the wedding. After any wedding, it takes awhile for me to recoup, it just plain wears me out. But it is oh so worth it and I look forward to the time in my life where photography is my full-time career again.

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