Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 99 - July 8th

When it's not 112 degrees with 463% humidity I love Oklahoma summers. The only thing is, it's almost always like that, so I almost never love summers. I'm an Autumn girl. But today, we kept having random thunderstorms pop up out of no where and it was quite fun. A rain shower that was totally unexpected, see...still God's favorite.

The carpet is finally finished in the office and it looks so nice. It's amazing what new carpets do to a place. This is Joy. Do you see her? Isn't she cute? She's getting her computer hooked back up and working. I just thought she was all sorts of precious cute under her desk. But then she got back to right where I'm used to seeing her. See...there's the top of her head, just like I see her all day long. I wonder if she knows she's not in her chair? But doesn't the new carpet look nice?

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