Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 95 - July 4th - Independence Day!!

What another busy day, but aren't they supposed to be in the Summer? We headed to Bartlesville to see Nana (Russ' mom) this morning. We went to the drug store to get more healing aids for our sunburns, which REALLY hurt today. We then went to the mall and ate lunch, shopped a little at a bookstore (I bought Ginger a couple of books that were my favorite growing up - The Giving Tree and Where The Wild Things Are), then we went to the movies and saw Ice Age 3!! It was so cute and lots of fun! I loved it, it's way better than the 2nd one and just as good as the 1st one.
After taking Nana home and playing with Sophie a bit, we headed to Romona to see Russ' step-dad and family! What a great group of folk! What fun! We cooked up some fish that they caught, played some volleyball, and watched fireworks...until the storm rolled in, then we high tailed it out of there. Volleyball is my absolute favorite sport, I really stink at it, but I love playing it. I had to sit out this year because of the sunburn. It was too painful and I couldn't imagine punching my arms up or getting smacked on it. Usually though, the ball just smacks me in the face. It didn't stop Ginger though, she got out there and played with the other kids. Randy and Becky have a great country lot with a garden and a windmill and the most organized shop you've ever seen. Every man's dream. We watched the radar pretty close to a storm coming. It hit at about 10pm, we had to shut down the fireworks a little early because of the heavy rain. The kids were bummed, but we were ready to go home. We were exhausted!

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