Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 61 - May 31st

It's Sunday and we had fun running in to Jason & Ashli in church and Ginger found Lauryn in her class. This past week I learned that Ginger has grown up not knowing what were staples in my life as a child. (The Muppets & FraggleRock). It's going to be a very educational summer full of the classics from my youth. We also went to Whole Foods Market. There were some other "firsts" there from Ginger that I guess I thought kids just grow up knowing. she learned what a scale was, she learned what ginger root looked like, she learned that cheese comes in many different colors and shapes, and that fish's eyes look like marbles. Other than me starting to feel sick it was a great day. After church, lunch, and a trip to the market we went home and I took a 7 hour nap.

These are the flowers that Russell sent me...Day 3. It is amazing to us how fast they are blooming.

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