Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 86 - June 25th

Today is one that some will remember forever (probably not me, but some will). Two entertainment icons passed away today and that makes three for the week. Ed McMahon died a few days ago. But today Farrah Fawcett passed away when she lost her battle with cancer She was in the orginal Charlie's Angels (which I never saw) and had beautiful 70s hair that followed her through her entire life. She was only 62 years old and still very beautiful.

The other was, Michael Jackson. Don't really know what to say about him. I was never really a big fan, although his older music was catchy. I guess he would be considered the "Elvis" of my generation. He was labeled the King of Pop. He was weird. A weird like an unusual car wreck weird, you just couldn't help watch and look at this man. And I'm trying not to roll my eyes at those who are crying and crying over him. It's never great when someone dies at the age of 50, but it's not going to change my life. I didn't personally know him and I didn't have tickets to one of the 50 venues he was playing this summer.

Wow, I sound really compassionate don't I? I'm sorry he died, I hope he knew Christ and found Him in his last moments. But it's amazing to me how many people are letting it affect them, in a profound way. I won't be found dressed in black, with a padora, a white sequence glove, white makeup with red lipstick, wearing some sort of a toy-soldier jacket with huge shoulder pads, and holding a candle and crying for the next 23 days. It's intresting and I'll be curious to know what they found was the cause of death.

Tonight we got to go out on a double date. Thank you Joy for letting my kid sleep at your house!! You rock!! Russ and I went with Russ and Amy to see Transformers 2. I was more than shocked that I actually liked it. I went to support my husband in participating in the kind of movies he likes. But I really liked it. Yeah, I didn't catch my breath until the credits rolled and it was hard to figure out what truck was fighting what truck and which trucks were on the good side or the bad side for that matter. But I'm a fan of Shia LaBeuf! He's so stinkin' cute! I've watched him ever since he was on Even Stevens on the Disney channel.

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