Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 81 - June 20th

We all slept in and it felt so good. We all goofed off and played and tickled and really enjoyed having Daddy home. I went grocery shopping with the rest of Broken Arrow and came home and made a Sopapilla Cheesecake for my dad for the Father's Day cook-out tonight. While I did that Ginger and Russell had some time together and went on an afternoon date. When they had finally come back I was napping on the couch while my cake was cooling. I think I got about a 2 1/2 minute nap. Ginger was so excited to show me what they found! They got a new bike for Ginger! I big girl bike, with only two wheels and it was beautiful. They even found it at a thrift shop for only $19. It's shiny, no rust, and almost the full tread on the wheels. It's not that old at all and is really nice. We are thrilled and Ginger wore herself out riding it!

Tonight we went to my dad's for
a Father's Day cook-out and swim. I haven't swam in years, I don't even own a suit. I hate being wet. In the water is fine, it's the getting out of the water and trying to dry off is miserable to me. I don't know why, I just hate being wet. Ginger is quit the opposite, she's a fish and would live in the water if she could. I wore Capri's and a tank top and stuck my feet in the pool. It felt so good, the water was perfect and the weather was so stinkin' hot. Something came over me and I couldn't help myself, I jumped in! Clothes and all!

We had a great time and my daddy is great grilling genius. My dad and I raced in the pool from one end to the other, he had flippers and even grabbed my leg under water and I still won. He thinks I cheated and jumped the gun, but I don't remember. Ginger learned how to go from Belly-Buster to a dive. I'm so proud of her! Tim popped an elephant. Joy thought it would be great picture of the day to get a pic of him on the elephant. While he was posing and right before the shot, the elephant's head popped off. I almost drowned laughing. And Russell and I had a good time hiding in the huge innertube. (wink wink) After swimming we had fun eating watermelon and watching a raccoon eat the cat food.

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