Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 70 - June 9th

Ginger has been going to work with Russell this week because the German's that came to visit our office. I went to meet Ginger and Russell for lunch at Arby's in Broken Arrow. When I pulled off the BA Expressway on Elm St I pulled up behind this tow truck and really couldn't make out what he was hauling at first. Then I realized I was looking at the bed of a truck. It took me a second to figure out that it was a squished up truck. When Ginger and I see a wreck we always take a moment to pray for the people involved in the wreck, their safety, peace, and healing. The person driving this truck probably needs some serious prayer warriors on his side. When the tow truck turned I saw that the front was squished too. This truck had been sandwiched in an accident.

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