Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 65 - June 4th

Happy Birthday Shawna!!

I got sick at work. And let me tell you, it's just great having everyone in your office know that you threw up. But I'm too busy and have too much to do and can't go home. We have investors from Austria coming next week. So as you can imagine, we are BUSY! My little worker bee (Ginger) had a good time at the office today. Computer games and scrapbooking again! But today was a little different... She had her very first piano lesson! She loved it! She got a piano/keyboard for Christmas last year and has taught herself several songs by ear. Ms. Darla is her piano teacher, and she is wonderful! I've known Darla for years, we go back to Mary Kay days. Ginger was so excited and as soon as we got back to the office she quickly finished her homework in her theory book and even tried to work ahead. I finally convinced her that we needed to wait for Ms. Darla's instructions. So she got back to work on her scrapbooking.

Then...Papa asked if Ginger could go swimming tonight. I told him it was way too cold to swim, it was only 75 that day, and had been in the high 60s and rainy the previous few days. But leave it to Papa (my dad) to figure out a way to get his little angel in the pool. He bought her a wet suit. She loved it. It was still really cold water, but she toughed it out, like any kid would do. My dad took these pictures, I went home and tried to sleep because I'm still sick.

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