Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 59 - May 29

I just knew that my POTD was going to come from the Drive-In tonight, but fun stuff just kept happening all day. So again, I must say, it's my blog and I can put more than one picture on it if I want too. I won't make a habit of it, I'll save it for the scrap book.

I got a big box delivered today at work. In it was a large basket with what looked like green beans. I'm not a fan of cut flowers. I think they are beautiful and smell wonderful but they usually die and have to be thrown away before the check even clears the bank. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful man that knows me so well that he knows my feelings on cut flowers but still found a way around it to have flowers delivered to me at work. The basket has 84 bulbs in it and will bloom within a couple of weeks, then I can replant them and they'll come back over and over. Thank you sweetie! I love you too!

These pictures were taken at McAlister's, one of my favorite places to eat. We met Daddy (Russell) for lunch and of course they were so stinkin' cute it was a good thing I had my camera with me. She kept surprising him with kisses on the cheek while trying to take a picture, and then he surprised her with a kiss on her cheek. And then they tried to surprise each other at the same time, this picture couldn't have turned out better.

The next picture is of Ginger at her first day of Summer break at my office. She had a great day of playing in the box of packing peanuts my flower basket came in. Although it made quite a mess and we ran out of time to finish cleaning it up. So she had to use her money and pay someone else $1.75 to clean it up. I'm not mean, she just promised that whatever mess she made, she would clean up.

Finally, we made it to the drive-in to watch Up. This is Ginger all ready in the back of our car to watch the movie. The other picture is of her and her new friend, Toby that we met. He made her, and some other kids there paper airplanes. Ginger had a great time and those planes could really fly! I'm not going to admit that my daughter is a flirt, but I think the smile in the last photo shows a flirt-in-training. I have no idea where she gets that from. And I resent that I'm called a flirt.

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