Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 73 - June 12th

Look at this big huge storm that rolled in this morning. It was SO dark outside, it didn't feel like 10am at all. Someone turned off the day. It didn't last long, maybe an hour. I talked to Shelley and it turns out that both of our husbands called us and asked if we could take our cars somewhere else to protect them from the baseball sized hail that was headed our way. We both thought how sweet it was that they had such concern for our vehicles AND had such faith in us that we would be able to drive in this Armageddon weather effortlessly. Neither one of us moved our cars and the hail did not make it to our part of town.

Ginger came to the office with me for the second part of the day. This girl loves to draw and write and nothing is better or more time consuming then giving her a dry erase board and some markers. This is what she wrote when I told her she got to go swimming tonight at Baga Kathi's hotel. Can you tell what it says? Sound it out fanetically. Hallelujah! This is also the picture I get when I ask her if I could have a nice picture, "like an angel". (she's flapping her wings)

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