Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 83 - June 22nd

Russell's great-grandmother passed away last Friday while Russell was waiting through one of many lay-overs in Memphis. This was Tammy's (Marmy) grandmother. Grannie Mullins. She was 93 years old and led an amazing life. I never got to meet her, but I met most of her family today. We went to Westville, right on the Oklahoma/Arkansas border. Little tiny town full of good 'ol country folk. Pentecostal women with bun after bun parading through the funeral home. I got quite the tour of the little town, this is where Tammy's parents grew up. She spent a lot of time there. We saw church that was brought over on the trail of tears and Ginger was amazed at the dates on the headstones in the graveyard, most from the mid 1800's. Since she was born in 2000, anything even in the late 1900s is old. My dad is thrilled that I am being paid back with my child calling me old. It was SO HOT today and everyone melted their "buns" off during the graveside service. It was 102 with a heat index of 117. Our little air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up.

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