Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 75 - June 14th

We went to church early today, we had a lot on our plates to get done. And for the most part we did. 9am service at Church on the Move, lunch at 10:30am. Then we all went to the Tulsa House, cleaned up a room, and all three of us had to help hang a piece of Sheetrock up. Ginger is very proud of herself for "building a house". After that I dropped the two monkeys off at home and I went grocery shopping.

When I got home I witnessed a very determined Robin get her prize. I'd like to call this photo montage, Patience. (For both the bird and I)

First, she saw me, but she had a goal. I could see it in her eyes.

She decided I was "safe". After all I was just one of those humans sitting in her car in the driveway with a camera...completely usual at my house.

Then she spotted..."it"! I have never witnessed a bird working so hard this closely. I was thoroughly impressed with her. She worked for a long time, paying very close attention to every move and at the same time fighting off birds that were drawn to her challenge.

Then she grabbed and pulled with all her might! Look at the size of the earth worm she pulled up!! No wonder the birds love my yard, look what lives there!

The worm put up a good fight. Kudos to you little worm that once was. He wrapped around her legs and flipped and flopped. She pecked and nibbled until the battle was done. It was really quite disgusting after awhile.

I guess she had finally had her fill and she picked up what was remaining of the hefty worm and carried it off. Good job birdy. My groceries are hot now in the back of the car, but it was worth it watching the mixture of beauty, horror, and disgust of nature.

Click on the pictures to get a larger image. I love the determination in her eyes, and how she keeps looking at me, like I'm going to steal her prize. And you can also see what kind of earthworms I grow in my ground. Fishing anyone?

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  1. WoW!
    I really love your composition.. sounds great and I can't stop laughing...

    The bird really worked hard for her food and I love her confidence and courage which gave her victory...