Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 64 - June 3rd

Back at work today and still not feeling so well. Joy went to Dallas (all by herself) to the All American Scrapbook Convention (little teeny tiny bit jealous). Ginger went to work with me, she will be with me most of the summer. Come on August 12th!!! Wow, I love my girl so much and she is such a wonderful kid, but these days can be loooooong!! I can't even imagine if she was a "trying" kid, but she's really good and has kept herself busy with computer games and scrap booking.

Tonight at home Russell introduced Ginger to a new gadget, a salad spinner! She loved spinning it! Then I'm not sure what happened or what he said, but Russell got Ginger to try a piece of lettuce. And not only that...she loved it!! She ate several pieces, dry with no dressing. I need to get some Ranch, I know she would like that. I think she's in a phase of trying new things, must come along with being a 3rd grader now. In the past few days she's discovered that she now likes lettuce, strawberry lemonade, cinnamon apples, and cajun steak. She's growing up so fast! I love it!!

However, my wonderful little Ginger is still a master at stalling when it comes to bedtime. And she's figured out if she's sweet and funny to Russell, she usually gets to stay up a few minutes later. This is her stalling, and putting pretty jewelry and a headband on Russell. I love these two so much!

These are my flowers on Day 6

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