Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 82 - June 21st (Father's Day)


I have one the two best Daddies ever and I am married to the other Best Daddy ever!! Seriously and Literally these are the two greatest men I have ever known and I'm so blessed to have both of them in my life. And get this...turns out that my Father-in-Law is in the group of Best Daddy ever too! God just keeps on spoilin' me!!

Ginger went to Guts with her Dad and cousin, Amaya. After that we went to Outback Steakhouse with Russell's parents, Cliff & Tammy (Marmy & Boppy). We sat there for over 2 hours and loved every second of it! What great wonderful people! Ginger loved it beacuse she LOVES steak and baked potatoes, her absolute favorite!

After lunch we reaced Marmy & Boppy down 71st. Until we both reached the speed limit, I'm pretty sure we won. Our Escape beat their little Mini. I'm sure though if there weren't other cars in the way and no speed limit, they would have left us in the dust. That little car is fast!!

It was so HOT today! We were exhausted and got sweaty just walking to the car and waiting for the AC to cool it off. We went home and watched Bolt, what a cute movie! Then when it cooled down all the way to 98 Ginger and Russell went down to the school parking lot to ride her bike again and I mowed the two parts. I learned that 98 was not cool enough. I did the front yard and part of the backyard. I couldn't stand it anymore. I came in to the living room and fell right in front of the air vent. I waited until the yard was shaded and it cooled down to 94 to finish it.

I think Russell loved his first Father's Day. Ginger kept hugging and kissing him all day saying, "Happy Daddy's Day!" Those two were inseparable and I loved watching them all day. What a terrific day! God is awesome!

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