Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 77 - June 16th

What a hard morning for all of us. We all went to the airport to say our "See You Laters" to Russ.

Russ had a hard morning that turned into a very long day. He missed his connecting flight in Cincinnati which resulted in a 5 hour layover. He finally arrived in South Carolina at almost 10pm and lost the whole day of work.

Ginger had a hard day because she was concerned about Russell being bored in the airport for 5 hours. She was glad he took the DS with him and she kept asking all day if he was still waiting for the airplane. She was also concerned that he would miss the next flight and he would have to sleep at the airport and come home a day later.

I felt awful for Russ being stuck in the airport and I felt bad for Ginger being bored at my office. So I thought that we would skip out on work (with permission of course, thank you Phyllis) and just have a fun girl-day. So we left work early and headed to Incredible Pizza for an afternoon of fun. Did you know that $30 worth of game tickets can not only buy a bouncy stringy ball with eyes, but it can buy an afternoon full of hugs, kisses, and laughter!

When we got home I attempted to get the weed whacker to work. I so wanted to surprise my hubby with a gorgeous lawn, still full of weeds but at least they would be well groomed weeds. I could not figure out that silly thing. I thought I had really done something wrong when I couldn't figure out where the red greasy oily stuff was coming from, it was running down the top of the weed whacker and pooling on the a the grass. I was relieved to learn that I hadn't broken the weed whacker, it was my blood that was pooling on the ground. Later Ginger charged me 1 penny to bandage my finger with 3 band-aids. But first I proved "Parrishness' and mowed the lawn first, while bleeding, but doggone it, it had to be finished. I left the weed whackin' to another day though. (I made the picture black & white in attempt keep viewers from gagging **cough cough joy cough**)

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