Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 89 - June 28th

Got to church just a few minutes late and it broke my heart to see Ginger run up on stage to sing with her VBS group at the very last part of the song. She was so disappointed and was crying when she came off the stage. I hated it. I didn't know she was supposed to be there early, I thought they would do it after the adults praise and worship. Oh well, she forgot about it by the end of service and was hunky dory after that.

Chuck came over and played a duet with Ginger using her piano books. She loves asking him piano questions and hearing him play. She has become quite the fan of Chuck. They all went out for a sno-cones in a cup and some shopping while I nursed a headache from a pony tail that I think was too tight, then I went and mowed the Tulsa house lot and came back and weed-whacked our other house. I was hot and sweaty and felt so good. I love mowing. Oh and a cold front moved in!! It was only 95 today!! Down right chilly!!

Also, another celebrity died. This time it was a favorite of Ginger's. Billy Mays. I don't know if this man had too many actual fans, but everyone knew he was. He was the LOUD OxyClean guy. The loud guy on TV that sold all sorts of stuff you didn't know you needed. Ginger loves infomercials and she loved this guy. She was upset that he died and wondered if we could still buy the sticky putty that when you mix the green part with the white part we could hold up a truck. (those were her words). We will miss you Billy Mays, you will always be remembered in our home as the guy who can cook 4 burgers at one time. And apparently, we still need this. We bought Aquaglobes in memory of him. I don't know if he was the one who promoted it, but still, apparently we needed them.

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