Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 67 - June 6th

Saturday! I wish I felt better for such a beautiful Saturday. But still, time cannot stop because I'm not feeling well. We went to Marmy & Boppy's house (Russ' dad and step-mom's). Russ helped Cliff (Boppy) set up his digital TV, DVR recorder, and lots of other manly electronic stuff. Tammy (Marmy) and I sat outside and watch Ginger play on the trampoline. Then guess what? Ginger taught herself to ride a two-wheeler bike! I was so surprised!! She fell once and tried for about 4-5 times then said, "Mom Look!" and when I looked up she was riding and peddling all over the driveway! I couldn't believe it! I was for sure we were going to teach her and get a scrapbook page out of it. But the silly girl taught herself and this is the only picture I got of her very first time without training wheels.

After we left their house we went to Cousin Chris & Kim's house and Ginger wore herself out playing with Grady, he's her 7 year old cousin. Chris had fixed up great entertainment for the kids. A rope tied around a huge chest upstairs that dangled through the banisters. These are the kids swinging like Tarzan. Grady has a couple extra months of practice on Ginger. It was fun, but I was ready to go home! Chris and Russell changed mom's breaks on her van and then we all chowed down on steaks and cheesecake! Then home to bed for all of us.

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