Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 71 - June 10th

Is it wrong to order a Sonic drink while the officer writes you a ticket? I'm just wondering what was going through this driver's mind when he saw the lights behind him? "But I'm so thirsty!! I'm making a run for it!" This really was someone getting a ticket while parked at Sonic. Did he offer to buy the officer a drink? Would that be considered a bribe? I always offer to buy someone a drink if they are with me at Sonic. What if he was really thirsty? It was hot and humid today because a storm was rolling in later. Even though I'm a huge fan of Sonic, especially their drinks, I don't know if I would have pulled into Sonic. I would have to work extra hard to pretend like the officer wasn't there. I would have to be cool and calm like nothing was going on to not draw attention to myself. Like the officer behind my car with his bike lights flashing wasn't attention enough. Boy am I glad this wasn't me. But I did make a U-Turn down the street and headed back down to the Sonic, I decided I needed a drink.

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