Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 84 - June 23rd

Ginger has always been curious about the spiritual things, about God, Jesus, angels, just everything. Her mind is so literal it's really hard to have these conversations. I used to say, "Ginger and I don't talk about Jesus because it always ends up in an argument." Her questions about Jesus living in your heart, about Heaven and hell, and what it was like to be a "Christian". She told me a couple of days ago that she thinks she asked Jesus live to in her heart but then asked me, how do you know for sure He's in there. She said she didn't know because she didn't know all of the answers to the questions her Sunday school teacher asked. I asked her if she wanted me to pray with her and we could ask Jesus in her heart and she said, Not now. Yesterday she asked us if she got baptized could she use her nose plugs. We told her she could. Then on the way to work this morning, while we were saying our morning prayers Ginger said, "Mom wait. Can we tell Jesus to come in my heart?" I said sure, when do you want too? We can do it anytime. I said we could do it tonight at VBS, or tonight with Daddy, or right now with just me and her. She said right now. So I led Ginger in the sinner's prayer and she asked Jesus to live in her heart. After we were finished, I looked at her and said "Hi Sister!" She said, "Hi! Since you're my sister now in God's family, does that mean I don't have to obey you anymore?"

Ginger went to VBS tonight at New Heart and absolutely loved it! She told her friends and teachers that Jesus lives in her heart now and she got all sorts of hugs! When we finally got home and got her in bed at almost 10pm, she asked, "Can I get a toy to play with in bed?" I said No, it's late. She asked, "Can I read my Bible?" How do you say no to that? Turns out she had been reading her Bible for a few days and even made a bookmark from some paper she found. I love my girl and watching her grow spiritually is such a wonderful miracle to witness. I am so blessed!

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  1. Classic, the question about obeying. But how cool is the rest of that post? Yay Ginger! Er, I mean, yay, Sister!