Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 85 - June 24th

There are very few facts in this world. And one of those facts is, I am one of God's favorites. In fact, I'd say I am God's favorite. I mean really, I love colorful skies and God knows this about me. So He gave me beautiful color after beautiful color during His whole sun set tonight. It's like He was looking down on me saying, "Here Amber, look at this one." "Ok, how about this one Amber?"

"You ain't seen nothing yet Amber, look here!"
He was painting one beautiful moment after another just because He knows I love them so much. Why else would He paint such beautiful sunsets, bloom such gorgeous yellow Tulips, make such fun bugs to watch, make puppies to cuddle, make those silly duck-billed platapus' that I love to watch, make cool pillows to sleep on, the smell of little babies, make citrus smell so good, give me such a wonderful man that loves me no matter what, and amazing friends and family. I mean, seriously, I'm God's favorite. Then after God showed me all those amazingly beautiful sunsets tonight, God showed me something even more beautiful! Something that I have loved since I was a little girl and always wanted. God spoils me day after day but when He gave me this gift, it just gets better day after day. This is a picture of my gift that God gave me soaking wet after VBS tonight.

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